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Nature's Comeback Bison Ranch

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All of the bison at Nature's Comeback are grass fed.   We do not supplement with grains.   Bison have lived for thousands of years without the added fat added to their diet.   Added fat to the bison's diet means extra fat in yours.  We raise them much the same as they have been living all this time.     Our bison are not subjected to inhumane handling, questionable drugs or hormones.   They are raised as wild and as naturally as possible.   We are sure you will be among the many happy customers that we service daily.  Please check in often for special offers or email us for discounts on bulk orders such as quarters, halves and whole animals.


CUT                                                     Per lb.

Ground Bison                                        $11.50

Patties                                                   $12.00


Stew meat                                             $11.00

Roasts                                                    $11.00


Sirloin Steak                                          $15.00

Delmonico (Ribeye)                              $21.25

Strip Steak                                            $21.25

Boneless Sirloin Tip                             $17.00

Tenderloin Fillets                                 $28.00


Round Steak                                         $12.00

Tongue/Heart/Tail                                 $12.00/whole

Liver                                                      $5.50

Jerky  FOB                                            $48.00    sold in 4 oz.packages at $12.00 

Hot Sticks                                             $30.00    sold in 4 oz. packages at $7.50

Smoked Summer Sausage                  $15.25     sold in 12 oz. packages




All Meats are USDA inspected and vacuum sealed and frozen with shipping available.  To place orders or ask directions to the ranch call 814-590-6955 or email us at

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please support your local farms and ranches.   You will get some of the highest quality foods while supporting your friends and neighbors.